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15 Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church

Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church

Clinton’s First African American Church

Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church is over 140 years old and the first African American church in Clinton, Mississippi.

First Baptist Church of Clinton

The First Baptist Church of Clinton was established in June 1852. By the end of its first year, the church reported 56 members, 28 white and 28 black. For the first eight years, the congregation worshipped in a building located on what is now part of the Mississippi College Campus and later moved to the large church at 100 College Street in 1860.

Sunday School Beginnings

After the Civil War, Rev. T. A. Parish and Walter Hillman of the First Baptist Church organized a Sunday school for black members in the chapel basement. This led to the establishment of Pleasant Green Baptist Church in 1870. Under the leadership of the late Rev. Dunbar, a small group moved to a site below the chapel known today as Robinson’s Field.

Under the leadership of Rev. C.P. Johnston, Pleasant Green Church was relocated, and a new building was erected at the 505 East College Street location where Rev. Johnston continued his work with the church until he resigned due to poor health in 1932.

Pleasant Green Church Bell

 The bell located outside of the church is used to gather members for church and call meetings, but in the past it was used to alert church members of imminent danger. The church and their membership were under attack during the Clinton riots of 1875.
Cedar Lawn Cemetery across the street has been used by the church to bury their dead.

Church Leadership

Rev. Amos Martin Peterson was later elected pastor, and under his leadership the church continued to progress. On January 12, 1975, Rev. Peterson resigned due to poor health. He was followed by Rev. James D Broome who continued to add to the church. He constructed the A.M. Peterson Fellowship Hall. Rev. Broome served as Pastor for 12 years.

In 1989, Rev. Frederick Williams became pastor. Rev. Frederick served as pastor for 8 years and resigned December of 1997. During his administration they formed the children’s choir and the gospel choir.

Current pastor, Rev. Darrel McQuirter, was elected in April 1998. Since elected, he has expanded Wednesday Bible Study to include children, teens and adults. He added a second service (morning service), praise dance, drama teams, children’s church, couple’s ministry and other outreach ministries.

  • 1
    Begin at Clinton Cemetery marker.
  • 2
    Walk east 500 feet on College Street.
  • 3
    Cross the road.
  • 4
    Marker is in front of the church.