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14 Clinton Cemetery

Clinton Cemetery

Clinton’s First Burial Ground

Clinton Cemetery, established circa 1800 and incorporated in 1932, is one of the oldest in central Mississippi. Buried here are families of pioneer settlers, ten college presidents, and sixty-three soldiers, both Union and Confederate. Many descendants of these families are present-day citizens of Clinton. The cemetery that abuts Clinton Cemetery, Cedar Grove, has been used as a burial ground for members of Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church.

Family names of Banks, McRaven, Gill, Hillman, Jefferson, Parish, Stokes, Comfort, Waller, Overstreet, Lewis, Menger, Criddle, Charlton, Timberlake, Coor-Pender, Bell, and many more recall events of the early years.

The cemetery is owned by the Clinton Cemetery Association and is maintained by a Permanent Maintenance and Care Trust Fund.

Notable Graves

College Presidents

Rev. Daniel Comfort (1785-1855)

Principal, Hampstead Academy: 1828-1834
President, Mississippi College: 1837-1841, 1845-1846

Rev. Warren Sheldon Webb (1825-1910)

President, Mississippi College: 1873-1891

Dr. Walter Hillman (1829-1894)

President, Mississippi College: 1867-1873
President, Central Female Institute: 1855-1887

Dr. William Tyndale Lowrey (1858-1944)

President, Mississippi College: 1898-1911

Dr. John William Provine, Sr. (1866-1949)

President, Mississippi College: 1895-1898, 1911-1932

Dotson McGinnis Nelson (1880-1962)

President, Mississippi College: 1932-1957

  • 1
    Begin at the Cedars marker
  • 2
    Proceed east on College Street for 1500 feet.
  • 3
    Cross to the south side of College street.
  • 4
    Marker is at the front entrance of the cemetery.