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18 Robinson Spring

Robinson Spring

Fresh Water Robinson Spring

Robinson Spring is named for Col. Raymond Robinson, a veteran of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 who owned this land in the 1830s. In 1802, government officials began surveying the Choctaw lands discovered five or six such springs where crystal waters flowed in abundance. For thousands of years, the springs provided fresh water for the Choctaws.

A Major Source of Clinton’s Growth

The springs were a popular resting place for travelers on the Natchez Trace, and in later years, resorts were built and families settled in the area known as Mount Salus. Robinson Springs is located south of the Mississippi College Campus.

Robinson Spring Restoration

Clintonians continued to gather water from Robinson Spring as late as 1925, when the city installed its modern system. Robinson Spring was neglected for years, but in the late 1980s, Joy Nobles, wife of Mississippi College president Dr. Lewis Nobles, led a major effort to restore the historical site.

  • 1
    Begin at the Sarah Dickey marker.
  • 2
    Drive east on Northside Drive to the Clinton Parkway.
  • 3
    Turn south on Clinton Parkway for 2.5 miles to Highway 80.
  • 4
    Turn west and drive approx. 500 feet to the small frontage road.
  • 5
    Marker is on the south side of the Highway.